SAP XI PI Technical



  • Overview Of XI/PI
      Introduction to integration
      Introduction to SAP Net Weaver
      Modules in SAP Net Weaver
      Components in SAP XI
      Design Time Components
      Administrative and monitoring components
      Runtime Components
      Architecture of XI
  • SLD (System Landscape)
      Technical System
      Technical System Types
      Business System
      Business System Types
      Software Components
  • IR (Integration Repository)
      Name Spaces
      Integration Scenarios & Integration Processes
      Message Interfaces
      Message Types
      Fault Message Types
      Data Types
      Data Type Enhancements
      Context Objects
      External Definitions
      Interface Mappings
      Message Mappings
      Mapping Templates
      Imported Archives
      Adapter Objects
  • ID (Integration Directory)
      Service without Party
      Business System
      Communication Channels
      Business Service
      Integration Process
      Receiver Determination
      Interface Determination
      Sender Agreement
      Receiver Agreement
  • Integration Monitoring
      Component Monitoring
      Message Monitoring
      Knowledge on End-to-End Monitoring
      Knowledge on Performance Monitoring
      Adapters Statuses
  • ccBPM
      Integration Process Scenario
      Abstract Interface
      Graphical Definition
      Send Steps
      m:n transformation
  • Proxies
      Introduction to Proxies
      Creating ABAP proxies
      Proxy Runtime
  • Scenarios
      File to File
      IDOC to File
      File to IDOC
      IDOC to Flat file
      Flat file to IDOC
      IDOC to JDBC
      JDBC to IDOC
      HTTP to RFC
      SOAP to RFC
      XSLT Mapping
      BPM1(File to File)
      BPM2(File to RFC)
      ABAP Proxy (Client Proxy)

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