Get an online certification on SAP WM and fly high in your career

A warehouse is a distribution center and is central to the entire supply chain management of a company. Real-time and efficient warehouse management is a prerequisite for efficient supply chain management and therefore business efficiency. With this objective supply chain managers need efficient tools to get real time information about inventories in the pipeline and that in the warehouse.


Whether you are into materials management or supply chain, you will be immensely benefited by learning the SAP WM module. Supply chain managers of companies need the SAP WM tool to manage the supply chain efficiently. It is a tool that helps the supply chain managers by providing efficient and flexible support that includes
• Managing complex warehouse structure
• Define storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse and manage these
• To manage the different types of storage like block storage, high rack storage, fixed bin storage.
• Process all relevant posting and transactions like general stock transfer, goods receipt and goods issue.
• Monitor stock movement
• Execute stock placement and removal using different put away and picking strategies
• Process the stock differences
• Manage hazardous material
• Use bar code scanners
• Acting as an interface to external non-SAP warehousing system.
• Manage inventory at the storage bin level
• Ensure that stock posted in the inventory management system is the same as the stock in the warehouse.
Integrate the supply chain with materials management, product planning, quality management, sales and distribution.

Why you need the SAP WM online training

To simplify the complex warehouse structures companies require experts with in depth knowledge of SAP WM implementation as well as operations along with industry exposure. You will be able to manage warehouses and keep inventory levels at the optimum level after getting the training.

SAP WM Online Training

Companies prefer candidates who have got hands on exposure in the implementation and running of the WM module. Such exposure cannot be obtained from any institute. There are fly by night institutes that do not have the required infrastructure. Get an SAP WM online training and fly high.

Courseware for SAP WM online training

• SAP NetWeaver technology
• SAP exchange infrastructure
• System landscape directory
• Designing collaborative process
• Mappings
• Configurations
• Put away strategies
• Picking strategies
• Run time
• Warehouse management business scenario
• Physical inventory process in WM
• Batch management in WM
Integration of WM with PP, QM and SD.

Review Date



  • SAP Net Weaver Technology
  • Building Blocks of SAP Net Weaver
  • Web AS Architecture

Introduction t

  • SAP Exchange Infrastructure
  • I Process Integration with SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
  • Architecture of SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)

System Landscape Directory

  • Architecture of SLD
  • Describing Technical Systems & Business Systems
  • Landscapes and Software catalog

Designing Collaborative Process:

  • Introduction t
  • Integration Repository
  • Organization of Design Objects in IR
  • Creating Repository' Objects.
  • Data types
  • Message types
  • Message Interfaces
  • Mapping Objects
  • Mapping Templates etc..
  • Importing RFC & IDOC Interfaces
  • Developing" with Imported Interface Objects
  • Message types across components
  • Enhancing Partner's and Customer's Data types
  • Mapping Application Components t
  • Systems
  • Object Versioning and Transport


  • Overview
  • Mapping Programs in SAP XI 3.0 (XI 7.0)
  • Java Mapping
  • XSLT Mapping
  • ABAP Mapping
  • Message Mapping
  • Mapping Functions
  • Context Handling Value Mapping
  • User Defined Functions
  • Multi Mapping


  • Introduction t
  • Integration Directory
  • Describing Systems and Services
  • Configuring Internal Company Process
  • Configuring Cross-Company Process
  • Configuring Communication channels
  • Logical Routing and Technical Routing
  • Transports between the Test and Productive Landscape

Put away Strategies

  • Next t
  • empty bin
  • Addition t
  • existing bin
  • Open Storage
  • Fixed bin strategy

Run time

  • IIntroduction t
  • Integration Server
  • Processing Steps of Integration Engine
  • Proxy Runtime
  • Using Runtime Workbench
  • Message Monitoring
  • Component Monitoring
  • End-to-End Monitoring

Picking Strategies

  • Shelf life expired -SLED
  • FIFO
  • Stringent FIFO
  • LIFO

Warehouse Management Business Scenario's (MM)

  • MM Flow with Interface with WM
  • Material Documents Processing in WM
  • GR and GI with WM
  • Transfer Posting in WM
  • Plant t
  • Plant
  • Sloc t
  • Sloc
  • Stock T
  • Stock
  • Schema Group Vendor
  • ST
  • – Stock Transport Order using WM (MM-SD-WM Interface)

Physical Inventory Processes in WM

  • Create Physical inventory record
  • Enter count results
  • Clear the difference in WM
  • Clear the difference in IM


  • Define Movement types
  • Define Posting Changes
  • Generate Interim Storage Bins
  • Activate Automatic T.O. Creation
  • Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage types
  • Goods Movement (IM) not allowed for storage types
  • 2 Step Picking Process in SD

Batch Management in WM

  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Strategy Types
  • WM Batch Search Procedure
  • Batch Status in WM
  • Characteristics and class
  • SLED In Batch in WM
  • Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM


  • WM with QM
  • WM with PP
  • WM with SD

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