• Web Dynpro Introduction
      Basic concepts behind Web Dynpro
      Basic architecture of a Web Dynpro Component
      Exercise Hello World
  • Web Dynpro Controllers
      Understanding of the Model View Controller (MVC) design
      Understand the different kinds of Web Dynpro controllers and what they are used for
  • The Context at Design Time
      The structure of the context
      Context mapping
      Exercise Simple Application
  • UI Elements
      Introduction to UI elements & Context binding (Putting data on the screen).
      Controlling the behaviour of UI elements using context binding & using a basic Composite UI element
  • OTR and Messages
      Introduction to internationalization & Text Repository
      Message handling
      Exercise Messages
      Exercise Messages OTR
  • Generic UI Services part1
      Value Selector
  • Generic UI Services part2
      Value Help
  • Dynamic Modifications at Runtime
      creating ui elements at run time
      creating contxt at run time and binding
      creating action at run time and binding to a button
  • Component Usage
      Component Interface
      External Mapping & Web Dynpro Component Usage
      Exercise Componentinterface Usage
  • Advanced Topics part1
      Business Graphics
      Tab strip Usage
  • Advanced Topics part2
      creating popup's and confirmatory dialog

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