Sap QTP and Selenium Training


Sap QTP and Selenium Training aims at providing an amicable environment to its candidates. With a proper friendly environment and constant support of their mentors, candidates here are open to proper development of their skills. The environment allows the students to fit in and increase their potential skills with the help of proper guidance and support from their mentors.

The Sap QTP and Selenium Training software are the most successful and among the most demanded software these days. Selenium has been known for its ultimate features that attracted the users. Therefore, for proper use, basic guidance and training are important. This training is provided by the professional institute. Anyone can learn Sap QTP and Selenium Training from this institute with the best trainers and modules.


Selenium is an automated and open-source portable software tool which is used by the testers for testing web applicants. It is not a single tool, but a set of tools and software that together aid the testers in testing the web applications in an efficient and effective manner. Selenium is a tool for basic software testing professionals. Selenium is always better understood if the user has the knowledge of java or any other computer programming language. Therefore to learn Sap QTP and Selenium Training is very important today.

Tools of Selenium

  • Selenium IDE- the selenium integrated development environment is a plug in of Firefox. It records all the current activities of the testers as they go through the footsteps of testing the work they need to test. It records the tester’s Firefox actions through graphical user interface. Although this can only be used in the Firefox browsers.
  • Selenium RC- selenium remote control is an important testing framework. It lets the tester perform the basics of testing actions along with the linear execution
  • Selenium web driver- this tool is a successor of Selenium RC. It is used to send the command directly to the browsers and retrieve the results later on.
  • Selenium grid- this is a useful tool which runs test across the parallel machines and parallel browsers. The execution time is reduced greatly due to this tool.

Advantages of Selenium

  • It can be extended to different technologies that expose DOM
  • On different operating systems, it can also execute strips.
  • It is supporting mobile devices

Selenium is the latest technology for web driving. It allows the users to execute tests without the help of any selenium remote control server. Therefore today selenium has gained much reputation. online institutes offer you to learn Sap QTP and Selenium Training in this course to open your path to more opportunities and improve the knowledge base.

The training course has a mission to provide the students with the best level infrastructure of this modern age. They have dynamically provided them with means of technology along with the latest creative innovations coming up in the industry. Without proper infrastructure, nothing can be worked out properly in this technology ridden the world. That is why it has offered greater opportunities to its students to engage in skill development programmes with the help of the latest technological innovations.


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