• Introduction to SAP R/3 & Plaint Maintainence Module
      Overview of the master data in PM
      Detailed introduction to maintenance processing
      Essential maintenance management business processes
      Introduction to reporting and analyses
  • Structuring and Managing Technical Objects
      Functional Locations (advanced functions)
      Equipments (advanced functions)
      BOM’s and assemblies
      Serial numbers
      Building an object structure based on customer examples
      Classification and configuration
      Measurement points and counters
      Additional functions
  • Preventive Maintenance and Service
      Task lists
      Single-cycle plan with order
      Single-cycle plan with notification
      Single-cycle plan with service entry sheet
      Sale of services based on maintenance plan
      Time-based strategy plan
      Performance-based maintenance
      Maintenance plan with multiple counters
      Condition-based maintenance
      Integration PM/QM
      Management of measurement devices
  • Maintenance Processing: Operational Functions
      IMG settings for notifications
      IMG settings for orders
      Capacity planning
      IMG settings for confirmations
      Approvals and Permits
      IMG settings for printing and partners
  • WCM Work Clearance Management
      Overview of work clearance management
      Structuring technical systems
      Objects in and architecture of tagging
      Approval process
      Tagging and un tagging process
      Integration of Work Clearance Management into Maintenance Processing
      Enhanced functions in WCM
  • Document Management System
      Document maintenance
      Object links to other R/3 objects
      Linking of original documents
      Document searching and retrieval
      Web-based document management
      Document distribution
      Associated customizing
  • Classification
      Characteristics maintenance
      Class maintenance
      Object classification
      Hierarchy structure
      Object dependencies in classification
      Finding classes and objects
      Associated customizing

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