SAP OO ABAP Technical



  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
      The Need for a Better Abstraction
      Classes and Objects
      Establishing Boundaries
      Object Management
      UML Tutorial: Class Diagram Basics
  • Working with Objects
      Syntax Overview
      Creating and Using Objects
      Building Your First Object-Oriented Program
      Getting Started with the Class Builder
      Case Study: Working with Regular Expressions
      UML Tutorial: Object Diagrams
  • Encapsulation and Implementation Hiding
      Lessons Learned from the Procedural Approach
      Data Abstraction with Classes
      Defining Component Visibilities
      Hiding the Implementation
      Designing by Contract
      UML Tutorial: Sequence Diagrams
  • Object Initialization and Cleanup
      Creating Objects
      Controlling Object Initialization with Constructors
      Garbage Collection
      Tuning Performance
  • Inheritance
      Generalization and Specialization
      Inheriting Components
      The Abstract and Final Keywords
      Using the Refactoring Assistant
      UML Tutorial: Advanced Class Diagrams Part I
  • Polymorphism
      Object Reference Assignments Revisited
      Dynamic Method Call Binding
      UML Tutorial: Advanced Class Diagrams Part II
  • Error Handling with Exceptions
      Lessons Learned from Prior Approaches
      The Class-Based Exception Handling Concept
      Dealing with Exceptions
      Raising and Forwarding Exceptions
      Creating Exception classes
      UML Tutorial: Activity Diagrams Summary
  • Working with the SAP List Viewer
      Overview of the SAP Control Framework
      Overview of the ALV Object Model
      Getting Started with the Flight Query Report
      Event Handling with the ALV Object Model
      UML Tutorial: Communication Diagrams
  • ABAP Object Services
      Object-Relational Mapping Concepts
      Persistence Service Overview
      Building Persistent Classes
      Working with Persistent Objects
      UML Tutorial: Advanced Sequence Diagrams
  • Debugging Objects
      Debugging Objects Using the Classic ABAP Debugger
      Debugging Objects Using the New ABAP Debugger

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