SAP MM Certification


During the preparation for SAP MM Certification it is important to distribute your time between different SAP MM competency areas according to their importance in SAP MM Certification. Therefore, you should study according to the SAP MM Certification Syllabus.

For you convenience we have prepared SAP MM Certification Syllabus adapted from, which illustrates the the competency areas covered in this test. The percentage indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area.

Weighting per Topic:

+ = <8% ++ = 8-12% +++ = >12%




Competency Importance
  Way(s) to attain
Topic Primary Alternative Other
Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes 60%
Special Processes in Procurement ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM520 TSCM5e
Valuation and Account Determination + TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM550 TSCM5e
Configuring Master Data and Enterprise Structure ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM550 TSCM5e
Material Requirements Planning ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM525 TSCM5e
Purchasing Optimization ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM520 TSCM5e
Physical Inventory ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM510 TSCM5e
Experience from Implementation + TSCM52    
Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions and processes 40%
Master Data and Enterprise Structure ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM500, SCM520 TSCM5e
SAP Overview and Solution Manager + SAP129, TERP01, SM001 SAP01  
Procurement Process ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM500, SCM520, TERP41, TERP42 TSCM5e
Inventory Management + TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM510 TSCM5e
Logistics Invoice Verification ++ TSCM50, TSCM52 SCM515 TSCM5e

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