An overview on SAP HR online training

The SAP HR online training provides virtual training that deals with human resources. There are so many businesses which expect their employees to expertise in this field of management. The course helps its candidates through previously recorded videos. This covers the various aspects of mock interviews, resume preparation and securing stable job placements. The HR online training has the ability to establish a strong form of relationship between the student and faculty members. The course is more practical and job oriented. It trains the candidates to have a good deal of exposure to real time projects and software.


The SAP human resources coursework is an impressive option that has the utmost ability to convince any recruiter that you are the ideal promising candidate. The HR course will elevate the stature of an individual’s qualifications. The online medium of practices reveals the sincerity and self discipline of the employee. The SAP HR training demands for a high level of individual initiatives. The program is extremely effective in terms of managing the Human Resources in an Organization.

What are the key attributes behind SAP HR Training?

The course focuses on the management of an organization at high levels of efficiency. It covers the various aspects behind time monitoring and maintenance. The recruitment procedures will be highlighted to every personnel. The SAP HR online course also engages with several reporting tools which will give the benefits behind ESS and MSS. Apart from this, the course will help to maintain the Employee information, Leave record, Factory Calendar, Payroll, etc.

What are the modules in SAP HR program?

The SAP HR online training gives the candidates a clear overview of how the project orientation occurs. The various job oriented concepts will be dealt by the modules. This includes the following:
1) Payroll configurations and schemas2) Data exchange methodologies
3) Evaluation of business processes
4) Summarizing the year end activities
5) Explaining the PA structures and data

Bottom line behind the SAP HR online course

The SAP HR online training is aimed after the techniques which will improve the skill set of an individual. The methods help the person to perform better at the IT sector of job. It promises to devour a higher salary to the candidates. The SAP HR course increases the spectrum of job capabilities for an employee. It is built on a growing technology that can elevate the confidence of the project team members. To stay alive and battle through the tough IT departments, the SAP HR online training program will be extremely useful.




Organization Management

  • Object Types
  • Object Keys
  • Expert Mode
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Org. Staff Planning
  • Infotypes

Enterprise Structure Personnel Structure

  • Company 1. Employee Group
  • Company Code 2. Employee Sub Groups
  • Personnel Area 3. Assignments
  • Personnel Sub Area
  • Assignment

Personal Management (Personal Administration) Organization Data Recruitment

  • Employee attributes 1. Vacancies
  • Payroll area 2. Advertisements
  • ABKRS Feature 3. Personnel Officer
  • Control record 4. Line Manager
  • Period Parameters 5. Application Types
  • Date modifiers
  • Payroll Data

Basic Pay

  • Sales Order Mgmt.
  • Personnel Calculation Rule
  • Collective agreement provision and grouping
  • Pay Scale Type / Area
  • Pay Scale Groups & Levels
  • Feature TARIF
  • Wage Types
  • Characteristics of Wage types
  • Permissibility with PS and ESG
  • Wage type model
  • ESG for Primary wage types
  • Feature LGMST
  • PSG for primary wage types

Time Management

  • Public holidays
  • Holiday Calendars
  • Factory Calendars
  • Work Schedules
  • Daily work Schedules
  • Break Schedules
  • Period work schedule rules
  • work schedule rules
  • Absence types
  • Attendance types
  • Attendance Quotas
  • Counting Class
  • PSG for absence / Attendance counting
  • ESG for personnel calculation rules
  • 15. PSG for time recording


  • Benefit Plans
  • Benefit areas
  • Beneficiaries
  • Benefit Providers
  • Benefit Parameters
  • Benefit Integration with Payroll
  • Related Features
  • Training and Event Management

Business Events

  • Resources
  • Tools
  • LSMW
  • Reports
  • Infotypes
  • Infogroups
  • Schema Modifications
  • Features
  • Table Maintenance
  • Authorizations

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