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Cut throat competition among businesses has necessitated optimization of resources to bring down the overall cost of delivery of goods or services to the ultimate consumer. Among all the resources human resource accounts for a large share of product or service cost. How about bringing down the HR cost while optimizing the HR related functions? SAP HR does exactly that – One of the most important functionality is to optimize the outputs with least inputs.

Features of SAP HR module

Some of the features of SAP HR are as under –
• Multiple employment process exclusion
• TPS casual employment
• TPS irregular employment
• TPS safeguarded salary
• TPS school and type of employment number
• TPS salary scale code
• Sick leave entitlement
• Wage type of annual salary
• Compensation area
• Cost grouping
• Eligibility grouping
• Termination reason for death
• Salary calculation wage type
• Organizational grouping of employees as cost objects
• Determining the last day of the week
Determining the leaving date

Components of SAP HR module

• Personnel management which includes personnel administration, recruitment, compensation management, organizational structure, personnel development.
• Organization management – this includes location, nature of employment, department etc.
• Travel management –
• Time management Payroll

Why should you get SAP HR online training

SAP HR jobs pay very high and consulting in SAP HR is one of the hottest areas these days. But you need to learn it thoroughly from the beginning from a basic grasp of the subject to the most advanced level of understanding in SAP HR module. However, there are some areas in the business processes that are country specific and not applicable everywhere. But get the training from a reputed institute which has expert people with industry exposure for training.

What you will learn at SAP HR ABAP online training
Enterprise structure

• Defining personnel area
• Assigning personnel area to company code Defining personnel sub area

Personnel structure

• Defining employee group
• Defining employee subgroup
• Assign employee subgroup to an employee group
Define employee attributes

Organizational management

• Overview
• Staffing and organization
• Creating organizational unit
• Creating organizational unit under the hierarchy
• Create and assign positions to an organizational unit
• Creating jobs and assigning the position
• Creating task
• Expert mode
• Organizational unit
• Simple maintenance
• Create an organizational unit
• Creating position
• Creating job
• Assigning job to the position
• Creating task and task group
Assigning tasks to the job

Organizational assignment

• Defining administrator
• Overview of features
• Defining administrator group

Integrating organizational management and personnel administration

Hiring an employee
Time management
Case studies


Introduction to HR Module

  • Introduction to Organizational Structure
  • Differences between ABAP & HR-ABAP

Logical Databases (LDBs)

  • Creating the Logical Databases
  • LDB Events
  • Analyze Standard LDBs

Introduction & Maintain the Master Data

Time Constraints

  • Time Constraints

HR Specific Macros


  • Reporting

Repeat Structures

  • Repeat Structures


  • HR-Interfaces

Clusters & Payroll reporting

  • Clusters & Payroll reporting

Interfacing Tool Kit

  • Interfacing Tool Kit


  • FAQs

Assistance in Resume Preparation

  • Assistance in Resume Preparation

Workshop on Real Time Concepts

  • Workshop on Real Time Concepts

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