Sap Hadoop


Hadoop is a distributed computing system that works on commodity hardware on a scale and speed that is easily not possible for other database processing systems to match. Due to this, there is a huge demand for Hadoop developers who can easily deploy Hadoop on a massive scale.

Training Course

This Sap Hadoop Online Training will help the candidates get a detailed idea about big data and Hadoop. Some of the topics included are introduction to the Hadoop ecosystem, understanding the HDFS and map reduce abstraction. It helps candidates install and implement various components of Hadoop like pig, hive, flume, sqoop and YARN. This course is basically designed for clearing the Hadoop component exam. The entire training course is commiserating with the certification program and helps you clear the exam with ease and comfort to get the best job opportunities in MNC’s.

As a part of this HADOOP training in Mumbai, candidates will be working on some real time projects and assignments that have immense implications in the real world industry scenario thus helping you fast track your career effectively.

This Sap Hadoop Online Training is targeted for software developers, analytics, BI, ETL and data warehousing professionals. It is also aimed at big data Hadoop developers, architects and also testing personnel. No knowledge prior to this course is necessary for this HADOOP training in Mumbai.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Hadoop- big data factors constituting big data, Hadoop overview, map reduce concepts of map, ordering, currency, distributed file system, deep dive in map, execution framework, combiner data types, architecture, data replication and Hadoop archives are included in the introduction.
  • Hands-on exercise- installing Hadoop in pseudo-distributed mode, understanding important configuration files, their properties and demon threads, accessing HDFS from command line, map-reduce- basic exercises, introduction to sqoop, use cases and installation, introduction to hive, use cases and installation, introduction to pig and other things.
  • Deep dive in map reduce and yarn- how to develop mad reduce application, writing a unit test, best practices for developing and writhing, debugging map-reduce applications, joining datasets in map reduce, Hadoop API’s introduction to Hadoop yarn, particular difference between hadoop 1.0 And 2.0.
  • Deep dive in pig- introduction to pig, basic data analysis with pig, processing complex data with pig.
  • Deep dive in hive- introduction to hive, relational data analysis with hive, hive data management, hive optimization and other things.
  • Advance map reduce- delving deeper into the Hadoop APU, more advanced map-reduce programming, joining datasets in map reduce, graph manipulation in Hadoop.
  • Hadoop cluster setup and running map reduce job training

As mentioned, different training scenarios will be presented to the candidates who will be made to work meticulously on the comprehensive structure of the course. Proper working industry environment will be provided to give them real-time experience enabling them to gain expertise commiserating with real industry scenarios and problems instead of the ideal ones. This Sap Hadoop Online Training will open gates to a wide range of job opportunities for the candidates opting for it.


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