Get online training on SAP FSCM and climb higheron the financial ladder

Parallel to the product and material supply chain the financial supply chain of a company ensures viability of a company and its smooth operation. The financial supply chain runs opposite to the other supply chain and involves accounts receivables and accountspayables in various quarters including suppliers, vendors, and the consumer. Ensuring an efficient financial supply chain management ensures better cash flow in the business. Based on the cash flow the company can take several decisions mainly in terms of investment in development of product, stock or expansion of operations. In these bleak days for businesses an efficient assessment of cash flow has gained immense significance.

How SAP FSCM can help businesses

The FSCM module of SAP can optimizethe various information emanating from the financial flow between various partners and within the company.

Components of SAP FSCM

• Treasury and risk management
• Electronic bill presentation and payment
• Cash and liquidity management
• Collections management
• Dispute management
In house cash

Who can learn SAP FSCM

If you are engaged in the financial supply chain then you are the fittest to take SAP FSCM training. Take an SAP FSCM online training, get noticed and move up the ladder.

Why SAP FSCM online training

SAP is a cutting edge technology and you should learn it from the experts only. Professionals with industrial exposure only can impart the right training so that you learn to run SAP FSCM. Getting a sap fscm online training will help you to grasp and idea properly.

Course content
Biler direct

• Presenting customer invoice and account data using sap biller account.
• Process claims and deductions with SAP dispute management.
• Collecting receivables
• Integrating FSCM components with each other
• Integration with dispute management
Relative badi implementation

SAP FSCM dispute management

• Overview
• Process flow
• Financial process integration
• Data transfer
• Dispute case details
• Functions
• Generic functions
• Customizing of process integration
• Processing of dispute
• Integration with biller direct
Relative badi implementation

Collections management

• Overview
• Functions
• Customizing
• Integration of collections management and dispute management
• Work list generation for collection process
• Processing of receivables
• Process of P2P, resubmission, contacts and dispute cases
• Relative badi implementation

Credit management

• Overview of SAP CR management
• Functions of SAP CR management
• Customizing of SAP CR management
Relative badi implementation


Biller Direct

  • Present customer invoices and account data using the Internet with SAP Biller Direct
  • Process claims and deductions with SAP Dispute Management
  • Collect outstanding receivables efficiently with SAP Collections Management
  • Integration of these SAP FSCM components with each other, with Financial Accounting And other SAP ERP components
  • Integration with Dispute Management
  • Relative BADi implementations

SAP FSCM – Dispute Management

  • Overview SAP Dispute Management
  • Process flow of Dispute Management
  • Financial Process Integration
  • Data Transfer
  • Dispute Case Details
  • Functions of SAP Dispute Management
  • Generic Functions of SAP Dispute Management
  • Customizing of SAP Dispute Management
  • Customizing of Process Integration
  • Processing of dispute through various business process
  • Integration with Biller Direct
  • Relative BADi implementations

SAP FSCM – Collections Management

  • Overview of SAP Collections Management
  • Functions of SAP Collections Management
  • Customizing of SAP Collections Management
  • Integration Collections Management and Dispute Management
  • Work list generation for collections process
  • Processing of receivable
  • Process of P2P, Resubmission, Contacts and Dispute Cases
  • Relative BADi implementations

SAP FSCM-Credit Management

  • Overview of SAP CR Management
  • Functions of SAP CR Management
  • Customizing of SAP CR Management
  • Relative BADi implementations

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