SAP EP Technical



  • EP Administration Topics Overview
      Brief overview of SAP
      Overview of SAP Netweaver and EP
      Motivation for Portals and need for SAP EP
  • Technical Infrastructure
      SAP NW Architecture
      Portal Framework, Portal Runtime, Portal Services
      Building Blocks of SAP EP
      SAP Enterprise Portal Architecture
  • End user Perspective
      Portal Login and Navigation
      Portal Interface
      Users, Roles and Groups
      Super Administration, User Administration, Content Administration
      Portal Personalization
  • User Management
      Overview and Architecture
      User Management Engine
      User Management Tools
  • Portal Security
      Security Concepts
      Introduction to Authentication
      Authorization Concepts
      Single Sign On
  • Portal Platform Content
      Content Object Model
      Portal Content
      Portal Content Catalog
      Portal Content Studio
      Object relations: Delta Links and copies
      Working with iViews and Pages
      Working with Worksets and Roles
  • Knowledge Management & Collaboration
      Understanding Knowledge Management
      Overview of Content Management (CM)
      Overview of Search and Classification (TREX)
      Overview of Collaboration & Unification Overview
  • EP Development Topics
      Portal Runtime
      Portal Object Development
      Client Side Eventing – Overview
      HTMLB Java Overview

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