One of the key buzzwords in corporate circles today is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)and automation of this process is one of the most sought after enterprise solutions on offer today. SAP CRM is a complete package that offers solutions to organizations to manage their CRM activities in a clean and concise manner and therefore those who are aware of SAP CRM have a definite added advantage when it comes to positions in marketing as well as customer management.

SAP CRM training is something that can easily set an individual apart from his peer group in any company as most companies now look for individuals who are fluent in SAP and can handle the system in an effective and clear manner. SAP CRM online training can be a key differentiator between someone who is just about average at an organization and someone who excels in their role.

At Sap Online training, you can learn SAP CRM from among the top faculty, classes are flexible and it is a real-time experience. Moreover, since most of the faculty is from the industrial world themselves, the exposure is practical in nature, making sure that you are ready to face the challenges of the corporate world once you finish with the training. In addition to this, training is not limited as SAP CRM online training is available across India including SAP CRM online training in Mumbai. For those looking for the best institute to realize their potential, SAP CRM training is an absolute must.

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Solution Overview(Introduction)

  • Getting to know mySAP CRM
  • mySAP CRM - The complete solution
  • CRM architecture Component integration
  • Key capabilities of mySAP CRM
  • Channels of interaction
  • Careers @ mySAP CRM 2007

CRM 7.0 Web UI Configuration

  • Interface Overview
  • IC Business Role
  • Navigation bar Profile
  • Logical Links
  • Layout Profile
  • Technical Profile
  • Component Workbench


  • Overview of CRM Service
  • Installed Base Management and Individual Objects
  • Service Agreements and Service Contracts
  • Service Plans
  • Service Order Management
  • Product Service Letters
  • Complaints and Returns Management
  • Warranty
  • Case Management

E-commerce (Internet Sales)

  • Introduction
  • B2B and B2c scenarios
  • Product catalog
  • Product proposals
  • Top n products
  • Cross selling
  • Up selling
  • Down selling

Customer Interaction Center (Web Client)

  • Interaction center overview
  • Framework and components
  • IC Web functions
  • Communication Architecture
  • Creating IC Business Role
  • Configuring profiles of IC Business Role
  • Account Identification Profile
  • Agent Inbox settings
  • Alert Modeling
  • Scripting
  • Category Modeler

Mobile Sales

  • Introduction
  • Architecture and setup
  • Administration console
  • Client console
  • Mobile application studio
  • Mobile repository server


  • CRM Middleware Overview
  • Concepts of Middleware
  • Administration Console
  • Adapter Objects
  • Initial Load, Delta Load
  • BDocs and types of BDocs
  • BDoc Modeler
  • Data exchange between R/3 backend
  • Monitoring and Error handling

Base Customization/Master Data (SAP CRM7.0 SAP ECC 6.0)

  • Overview of CRM Server Technology
  • Account Management (Business Partner master)
  • Product master
  • Organization management
  • Territory management
  • Transactions processing
  • Items Categories
  • Activity management
  • Partner processing
  • Status Profile
  • Actions
  • Pricing fundamentals (ECC 6.0)
  • Condition technique and pricing procedure determination (ECC 6.0)


  • Introduction
  • Marketing planning Campaign management
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Segmentation of business partners
  • Segment builder tool
  • Personalized mail forms
  • External list management
  • Product Proposal
  • Lead Management

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