SAP BASIS Technical


From overview of SAP Basis and introduction to ERP to a comprehensive guide to SAP-HR Security, SAP Online Training’s SAP Basis Technical program has it all. The program has been designed in such a way that it gives you a comprehensive grasp of the subject in hand. Our course designers have made sure that we cover every aspect of SAP Basis Technical and that we don’t leave out anything that may bother our students in the future when they go out to the world with the certificate given by us.

It will not be an overstatement or arrogance on our part if we say that our SAP Basis Online Technical course is amongst the best in India. So join us in our endeavour to give you the best training and make you prepare for the world out there.


  • Overview of the SAP BASIS
      Introduction to ERP
      Security Introduction
      SAP Project Lifecycle
      Default user-id's and clients
      User types
      Creating user-id's
      Overview of SAP Security (Roles and Profiles)
      Authorization concepts, transactions, authorization objects
      Introduction to Profile Generator
      Introduction to Composite and derived roles
      Practical exercise building roles, composite and derived
      Adding Missing Authorisation Objects
      System Trace and SU53
      Inactivating Authorisation objects
      Creating and assigning users to roles
      use of User Groups in Security
      How SU25,SU24 and PFCG are linked
      Use of se16 and S_TABU_DIS
      Use of SM30 and SM31
      Continue review of Useful tables for security
      Use of Compare
      Use of SUIM reports
      System security settings SCC4,SCC1,SE03,SE06
      Use of SE11,SE54,and security table groups
      use of SUPC
      Audit requirements
      USMM Report
      License_admin tool
      User classification
      Transporting roles
      Use of SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW
      How to delete Roles
      Use of SAP* and DDIC
      USR*,AGR*,USH* Tables
      Evaluation Reports RSUSR002,RSUSR040,RSUSR003
  • Overview of the SAP-HR SECURITY
      Overview of SAP-HR Security
      Pre-requisites to implement HR Security
      Indirect assignment of standard HR Roles to Organizational Objects
      Creating structural profiles and assigning to users
      Executing report in SA38 for comparing users in structural
  • profiles Overview SAP-BI SECURITY
      Overview of Analysis Authorisations
      Difference between OLTP and OLAP
      Overview of info objects, info cubes and hierarchies
      Administrative workbench Authorisations
      Report level Authorisations at infoobject,infocube and Info provider level
  • Overview of the GRC
      Overview of SOX
      Overview of SOD
      Introduction to GRC AC 5.3
      Introduction of different components in GRC AC
      Risk Analysis Remediation process in GRC AC
      Compliant User Provisioning (CUP)
      Enterprise Role Management (ERM)
      Super User Privilege Management(SPM)
      Background Jobs for GRC 5.3

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