SAP ABAP BI Technical


Although knowing SAP ABAP is not mandatory for venturing into the field of SAP BI, we recommend learning it anyway since it helps a great deal in grasping every detail of SAP ABAP BI Technical. The syllabus of SAP ABAP BI Technical is complicated and that’s why learning SAP ABAP Technical helps you circumvent the complexities of BI Technical in the initial days. Coming to the SAP ABAP BI Technical, you will see that the syllabus we have listed below covers the entire gamut of ABAP BI Technical. That’s because here at we believe in preparing you for every challenge that working with SAP may throw at you.

Our BI Technical syllabus is comprehensive and we leave nothing to chance. But why learn BI Technical? The answer is simple. If you are not knowledgeable then you would have to depend on other ABAP developers to get the job done. Knowing this will make you stay ahead of your competitors. So don’t waste any more time and get your certificate of expertise on SAP BI Technical from today.


  • Overview of the SAP BI ABAP
      Introduction to SAP
      Introduction to ERP
      Overview of SAP
      SAP modules at a Glance
  • ABAP Data Types
      Numeric Character
      Floating Point
      Packed Decimals
      Date, Strings
  • Loops & Branches
      Do, Do n times, While
      If, If Else, if Ladder, Case
      Small Programs
      Factorial program
      Code Inspector
      Extended Program Check
  • Structures & Internal Tables
      Over View of Structures
      Similar Structures creation
      Different Structures
      Different structures with Extra Fields
      Over View of Internal Tables
      Similar Internal tables creation
      Different Internal tables
      Different Internal tables with Extra Fields
      Modify Operation on Internal Table
      Delete Operation on Internal Tables
  • Sorting Of internal tables ( Sort) & Searching Techniques Of internal Table
      Sorting Of internal tables ( Sort)
      Searching Techniques Of internal Table
  • Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture Landscape Model
      Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture
      Landscape Model
      Overview of R/3
  • Normalization & Select Statements
      Normalization & Select Statements
      Over view of Normalization
      Select Statements
      Logical operators
      Select Single & Up to 1 rows
      Nested Select queries
      For all Entries
      Join Statements
      Inner join & Left Outer Join
  • Modularization Techniques
      Over view of Modularization
      Function Modules
  • Selection Screen Design
      Over View of Selection Screen
      Selection Screen elements
  • Data Dictionary
      Creation of Data Base Table
      Creation of Domains
      Creation of Data types
      Creation of Views
      Creation of Structures
      Creation of Type pools
      Creation of Search Help
      Creation of Lock objects
      Creation of table maintenance
  • User Exists Over view
      Cross Applications
  • RFC
      Over view of CA
      Creation of RFC
      Fetching Data Using RFC
      ARFC & TRFC
  • BAPI
      over View Of BAPI
      Remote FM Creation
      Creation of BOR
      Creation of BAPI
      Check The Status of BAPI
      Super type Creation
  • LSMW
      Over view of LSMW
      Creation of Project , Sub Project , Object Type
      Creation of Batch Input Using Recording Mode
      Steps To Create LSMW

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