How to Become an SAP Basis Administrator and What you Must Know


Are you wanting to change your career, or simply start a new one? The SAP Basis Administrator job may interest some people.

As a Basis Administrator, you will understand what it needs to become successful.

Required Knowledge

Firstly, we should take a stride back and acknowledge the question; what is an SAP Basis Administrator and what responsibilities they have to perform?

On top of everything else, the principal duty is to ensure the SAP systems are operating at optimal effectiveness. However, what does it mean? The SAP system has a 3 Tier structure; you need to know how what the different layers are and how they associate with each other to cause the system run.

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Let us study a regular SAP activity. It first goes over the client layer (SAP GUI or your Internet Browser) which is administered on your workstation (running Windows or any other OS). You have the application tier where the SAP Instance is working, which operates on Windows or UNIX server. Then ultimately the DB layer which could be Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, database instance working on any operating system too.

So, to have your SAP system running properly, you must be sure that every layer operates well together, which further includes the form and monitoring of the interactions between those layers too!

With this in mind, to be SAP Basis Administrator suggests you have to be able to make sure all those layers are operating and interacting with one another. It implies you require to understand how to administrate multiple operating systems (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows) and several databases (Oracle, SQL Server, …). In addition to those “generic” abilities, you still have to administrate SAP itself (The application layer).

SAP System Administration

Administrating the application layer (The SAP Instance) indicates:

  • Knowing and adapting SAP system parameters
  • Controlling and cataloging of batch jobs
  • Application of system and administering patches (called Support Packages)
  • Driving system objects through the different client and system landscapes (e.g. from development to production) through the SAP transport system
  • Security management and various additional tasks.

It Seems Too Hard To Get That Initial Job

Numerous people seeking to get their start in the world of SAP will apparently say it’s unlikely to become an SAP Basis Consultant! 

Recognise your starting spot

Many Basis consultants understand only one operating system copulated with one database. These are the perfect craft with which to begin as a junior consultant. Commence mastering how to administrate an Oracle database running on HP-UX for instance. With these abilities going on to mastering the rounds to become an SAP Basis Administrator will be well inside your reach. Companies recognize that when they are looking for somebody to become a Basis Administrator, they want to locate people with exceptional technical knowledge (Windows or Unix Administration, Db Administration, …) They will then aptly assign him/her to an SAP training centre for the SAP specifics. It takes several years to become a good SAP Administrator, but the crux is to have that excellent technical background.


As you might have understood, being a certified SAP Basis Administrator is being a ‘jack of all trades’ for the separate systems administration perspectives. If you’re a quick learner, and you already understand how to administrate an operating system and a database, you’re capable of becoming a Junior SAP Basis Administrator.


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