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SAP SD online Training

Why should an employee acquire the SAP SD certification program?

The SAP SD online training is useful for individuals who want to be experts in the field of sales and distribution. The coursework fully concentrates on the different ideas and materials which help the business employees to perform the tasks of customer invoicing, sales of products or services and delivering the items at a high level of excellence. The training can be carried out through online means and scheduled at a flexible pace. The syllabi of the SAP SD training program is customized and executed according to the skill set of a candidate. The SD coursework is established on a Java platform.

How does SAP SD training work?

Before an individual can commence with the online course pattern, an initial evaluation will be carried out. This will identify if the person is an expert, intermediate or a beginner. Thereafter the most appropriate form of SAP SD online training session will be allocated for the aspirants. The above feature has increased the esteem of the course as different pupils have dissimilar capabilities.

What are the objectives of an employee completing the SAP SD program?

1) The candidate can manage the enterprising activities of sales and distribution. 2) The company’s performance has to be maintained in a statistical fashion. 3) The daily tasks of the organization have to be monitored. 4) The complex activities of a business will be broken to sub processes, this is return has to be engaged by the certified employee.

The attributes behind the SAP SD training

    The SAP SD online program is job centered. The platform has elevated the employment capabilities of a person. The critical areas of SAP SD have being en routed due to the utmost benefits of the course package. This includes the following perspectives:
    1) The identification of work parameters that are related to effective sales and distribution
    2) The preparation of blueprints to analyze the coursework
    3) The conversion of process objectives to real time outputs
    4) The cut over process estimation
    5) The establishment of SAP SD coursework workshops

Who are the SAP SD course audiences?

There are three different types of audiences to the exclusive SAP SD online training program. The business professionals who are extremely experienced will hire the certified candidates with no questions. The service executives will want the SAP SD trained employees to be a part of their work team. The ABAP users will also demand for the functional support of the SAP SD experienced consultants.

Bottom line of the course

The SAP SD online training is bestowed with many job opportunities. The certifications are sought after the talented computer engineers. The SD has demonstrated a concise amount of differences between the functional and technical proficiencies. The online class room sessions are supported by real time scenarios and case studies. The SAP SD coursework has an elevated personal prospect which is aided and supported by several business platforms.

section i: Define enterprise structure

    • Sap methodology
    • Definition of document
    • Document types in sales and distribution
    • Enterprise strcture in sales
    • Definition and assign organizational elements.

section ii: Creating mater data

  • Material master record
  • Customer master record
  • Customer material info records
  • Condition master data
  • Control tables
  • Shared master data
  • Partner fuctions
  • Defining account groups for partner functions
  • Creating no ranges and assignment

section iii: Documents

  • Document structure and tables - sales, deliveries, and billing
  • Document types and function - sales, deliveries and billing
  • Document control - docment type, item category control and determination schedule line category control and determination
  • Copy control - requirements data transfer routines, document flow and pricing type

section iv: Basic settings
(condition techinique)

  • Pricing determination
  • Material determination
  • Listing / exclusion
  • Revenue account detrmination
  • Tax determination
  • Output determination
  • Tax determination
  • Free goods determination

section v: Basic settings (others)

  • Item proposal
  • Incompletion procedure
  • Route determination
  • Shipping point determination
  • Delivery scheduling and transportation scheduling
  • Blocking reasons
  • Availability check
  • Transfer of requirements

section vi:Documents processing

  • Outline agreements - contracts and scheduling agreements
  • Pre - sales processing - inquiry and quotation
  • Order procesing - standard order
  • Returns returns order, returns delivery
  • Consignment
  • Contracts
  • Customer complaints - credit memo request, debit memo request, invoice correction request
  • Delivery processing - picking (transfer order), packing, posting goods issue
  • Billing processing - methods, plans, invoice, proforma invoice
  • Document grouping and splitting criteria

section vii: Sales information system

  • Lists and work lists
  • Abap list viewer
  • Standards and flexible analysis
  • Logistics information system (lis)

section viii: Advanced topics

  • Inter company business processing
  • Third party order processing
  • Cross company stock transfers
  • Returnable packing
  • Bill of material
  • Individual purchase order
  • Rebate processing