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SAP GRC Online Training

Why getting an SAP security and GRC online training is a must for you

Compliance with the ever changing environment of external regulations and internal policies is a problem for companies. The C in SAP GRC which stands for Compliance is an automated system of Compliance. The other two letters in GRC stand for Governance & Risk. Taken together SAP GRC helps a company run efficiently by automatically making you observe all the regulations and policies, put stipulated controls, understand risk and choose opportunities to avoid those risks. All these by gathering information from various sources.

Moreover, threats to IT security have been increasing day by day. There are attacks on systems resulting in the theft of customer sensitive information or denial of services. SAP security can help to mitigate these risks with solutions that adhere to security standards rigorously. Companies are able to manage risks and leverage the best practices followed in the industry with the help of a state of the art infrastructure with the help of SAP security.

So SAP security & GRC taken together helps a company streamline its operations, reduce risks and adhere to all kinds of industrial regulations, government rules and internal policies while at the same time reduces risks, spawns a web of security around the whole enterprise operation along with safeguarding the entire sources of information and manages risks by creating automated alerts when operations start to veer off the track. It even helps to take measures that can prevent a financial fraud by ensuring the accuracy of financial reports and that there is no leakage of money in the entire system.

Why SAP online training in security & GRC

Financial fraud, IT security, compliance, risk mitigation and everything else that SAP security and GRC are concerned with are of utmost importance to industries across the world. The importance is increasing day by day. So an expert in SAP security & GRC is a cynosure for all companies these days. However, it is not possible to get a training in regular classes while being in the industry. So, get an online training in security and GRC and see the corporate world vying for you. .

Course content in Sap Security and GRC

• SAP GRC integration
• Controls, assessment and improvement
• Project management
• Cycles workspace
• Rates workspace
• Models workspace
• Generating OLAP reports, advanced reporting and financial intelligence in SAS financial management
• Planning process and formulas
• SAS information delivery portal
• SAP security
• SAP R/3
So get an SAP security&GRC online training and help companies sustain the harsh environment around. .

SAP GRC Integration

  • Installation, setup and upgrades
  • Rule design, configuration and testing
  • Firefighter access setup
  • User provisioning workflow design and configuration
  • Custom report development

Controls Assessment & Improvement

  • Segregation of duties (Sod) analysis
  • Access violation remediation
  • SAP security redesign
  • SAP general computing controls configuration
  • SAP application process controls assessments, design and configuration

Project Management

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project planning, coordination and reporting
  • Organizational change management
  • Vendor oversight
  • Vendor oversight
  • Quality assurance
  • GRC Repository

The Cycles Workspace

  • Understanding cycles
  • performing Cycle workspace tasks

The Rates Workspace

  • working with exchange rates
  • working with rates

The Models Workspace

  • Introduction to the Models workspace
  • building models
  • model tasks

Generating OLAP Reports in SAS Financial Management

  • reporting using the SAS Financial Management Add-In
  • creating and sharing reports
  • enhancing reports and using advanced features
  • formatting tables

Advanced Reporting in SAS Financial Management

  • overview of cell data access (CDA) reports
  • building a CDA report
  • using CDA functions

Financial Intelligence in SAS Financial Management

  • understanding account behaviors
  • cumulative translation adjustment (CTA) and retained earnings

The Forms Workspace and Planning Process

  • creating form sets in the Forms workspace
  • creating a form template in Excel
  • entering and reviewing data as part of a bottom-up workflow
  • entering data as part of a top-down workflow


  • overview of formula types
  • optimizing performance
  • building formulas

SAS Information Delivery Portal

  • working in the SAS Information Delivery Portal


  • groups and roles
  • SAS Management Console
  • setting security in SAS Financial Management Studio